Race Night - Making it Pay

How to make profit from your Race Night


We understand that the most important detail of your event will be that you make money for your charity, school or club. We recommend our standard package for numbers of 50 to about 75 people. From 75 upwards you may be able to afford the extended package giving an even more impressive event. For events above 100, please contact us for a quote.

So, work on the principal that if you cover all of your overheads (our fee, venue hire, food costs) within your ticket price and get a reasonable number of people along on the night, then you cannot fail to make a good profit.

Top Tip:

don't make your ticket price too cheap, as people may buy one but then not show up - and you really need the people there on the night spending additional cash!


To keep the cost down to you, we only provide the minimum of staff. You will need to provide volunteers to take bets throughout the evening - one person per 25-30 guests is ideal. We can provide extra jockey girls in silks, if required, at an additional cost of £75 each. We can also bring along stylish Jockey Silks for your people to wear, at just £5 each (included with the extended package).


On the night cash bets are placed during the build up to each race at the ‘Tote’. Our Race Cards detail the 8 runners in each race. Bets are placed by horse number and usually with a minimum bet of £1. When all bets are made, the race gets underway. Once the winner is known, all bets are totalled, a deduction is made for the ‘fund’ (normally 30%) and the balance then divided between the number of winning bets on that race, giving a ‘dividend’ return amount for the £1 stake. The dividend is announced and payouts are made.

Charity Profit

The amount of profit will depend on guest numbers & their generosity! Based on 75 guests, profit will be made up from Horse Ownership sales (48 @ £10 plus the Auction of Horses in the last race), Tote deductions (say £30 per race) and maybe a Raffle and Bar profit as well? A target of £1000 plus is very realistic. And our fee is fixed no matter how much you make.


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