Overbury Playground
Fundraising Events

Overbury has 2 very old and well-loved swings located at the edge of the cricket pitch.  These swings are around 30 years old and we feel the time has come to update these facilities for the children in the local community.  We have a fundraising target of £40,000 which should allow us to create an inclusive play area for children of all ages and abilities which will be a positive asset to the community hopefully for the next 30 years.  We have already secured some sizeable donations towards the project but we still have a long way to go.  If anyone would like to make a donation or has a fundraising idea, please contact us on overburyplayground@gmail.com


  • Sat, 24 Sept
    Overbury Village Hall
    Forget about the old bottle of 'Croft' in your grandmother's cupboard and come and explore the rich history of the finest wines from the south of Spain. Sherry's rich history spans millennia and brings to the palate salty sea breezes and rich viniculture traditions.
  • Sat, 08 Oct
    Overbury Village Hall
    A high energy and fun filled evening for everyone, not just those with Scottish heritage. No previous dance experience is necessary, guaranteed giggle for all. Come along and help us raise some funds towards Overbury's new playground equipment.

Save the date for other events:  Artisan Christmas Fair 3rd and 4th December in Overbury village hall.